Zero Energy Districts From Building to City Scale

Nadezhda Bobyleva (1)
(1) Architect and urban planner, Bulgaria, Bulgaria


This article presents a short literature review (2017-2022) on Zero Energy District (ZED) concept and its related terms - Nearly ZED, NetZED, PED and Zero Energy Community. The scope of these terms was also evaluated and compared among different authors. Conceptual elements shaping up ZED projects were systematized. A brief review on Zero Energy District Concept in tropical countries was provided. One of the purposes of the paper is the recommendation to transfer Zero Energy District concept to realities of the Global South that have a higher level of economic and social vulnerability but at the same time a higher potential for energy production from renewable sources.

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Nadezhda Bobyleva
nadezhda[email protected] (Primary Contact)
Bobyleva, N. (2023). Zero Energy Districts: From Building to City Scale. Resourceedings, 3(1), 33–42.

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Received 2023-02-20
Accepted 2023-03-31
Published 2023-03-31