Visualization System for Traffic Accident Data

Su Chenlu, Hong Yating, Liu Tianyi, Raja Majid Mehmood

At present, the traffic problem is a problem that the government attaches great importance to. Many papers also put forward their own visualization models for traffic problems. This research focused on the Map-matching and Spatial-temporal Visualization of Expressway Traffic Accident Information and improves the original two-dimensional visual model of accident rate into a three-dimensional model. The goal is to represent more attributes in a visual model and make them easier to compare, so as to provide users with more intuitive visual information.


Information visuliztion, Visualization system, Three-dimensional model,Traffic accident


Fang, A., Peng, X., Zhou, J., & Tang, L. (2018, September). Research on the map-matching and spatial-temporal visualization of expressway traffic accident information. In 2018 3rd IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Engineering (ICITE) (pp. 23-27). IEEE.

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