Storm Water Sustainable Solutions in New Cairo Using Landscape Elements

Germin El-Gohary (1), Omar Alshnawi (2), Sherouk Mohamed (3)
(1) Professor, Urban Planning and Design Department, Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University/ current the British University in Egypt, Cairo, Egypt, Egypt,
(2) Student, Architecture Department, British University in Egypt, Cairo, Egypt, Egypt,
(3) Teacher Assistant at the Architecture Department British University in Egypt, Cairo, Egypt, Egypt


Sustainability is one of the most important requirements and standards that is taken into consideration when establishing or developing a project. It is necessary to pay sufficient attention to urban planning and study. This involves a structured form of the city and the establishment of its own cities, connecting them with different communities, providing all social and economic services for the population as well as improving the performance of the city in accordance with international standards of urban planning.

Storm water is the water that remains after rain, melted snow or floods. The effects of storm water is devastating on the environment, the economy and the social environment, especially in cities. In New Cairo, this problem is still ongoing with no implemented solution and receiving insufficient attention. New Cairo has faced the risk of flooding and major traffic disruptions in most of its main roads in 2018.

In this research, an attempt is made to arrive at a merger between the elements of the Landscape and the infrastructure to find sustainable solutions. This solution can limit or prevent the existence of storm water problems and discusses the possibility of developing existing cities that have problems.

This will be done through analysis, study of the problem, analysis of the case study and the soil, study the elements of the Landscape. Take in consideration that the data is up to date and the solution is possible to implement to solve the problem.

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Germin El-Gohary
[email protected] (Primary Contact)
Omar Alshnawi
Sherouk Mohamed
El-Gohary, G., Alshnawi, O., & Mohamed, S. (2020). Storm Water Sustainable Solutions in New Cairo Using Landscape Elements. ARCHive-SR, 4(1), 75–100.

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