Creativity Management: An Approach For Achieving Efficient Workplace Environment

Omar Mohamed Ain, Laila Mohamed Khodeir
Workplace environment is defined as the current conditions of the surroundings of a workplace. More than 80% of performance problems are influenced by the workplace environment where efficiency of workplace environment represents the total amount of work done by one employee in a single day. There are different types and traits of employees in Architectural Design firms , where only 5 types are being analyzed in this research paper which encounters; creative, innovative ,Talented , Technical & Analytical Architects that should be considered to achieve an efficient workplace environment. Hence , The Problem of this paper the inefficient management creating inefficient management for architects results in the dissatisfaction of employees while boosting the rate of turnovers impacting the productivity negatively. One approach that has been introduced to tackle such problem is creativity management which could embrace the 5 types of employees in Architectural design firms. Thus, the main purpose of this study is introducing how creativity management approach can effect the workplace environment and increase its efficiency  in Architectural design firms . To achieve the aim of this paper , a comprehensive literature review analysis has been done on recently published Research papers from 2000 to 2018. This includes discussing the contribution of authors on the approaches for efficient workplace environment , and introducing creativity management approach in workplace environment in Architectural Design firms. Hence, Findings of this paper took the form of impact analysis , where the effect of creativity management approach on achieving efficient workplace has been identified.


Workplace environment; Efficient Workplace; Creativity Management; Architectural Design Firms


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