Destination Studies – An Institution

Sayak Ghosh

First of all, we must understand that there are various aspects of tourism with respect to its beauty, aesthetics, technical parameters, trade & commerce, training & education, innovation etc. If anyone wants to find the bondage between education and tourism, there can be various topics, concepts, factors, and parameters to portray the entity. Again, if Education is an aspect of tourism, then we can formulate a tourism course subject to beauty, aesthetics, technical parameters, trade & commerce, innovation and, last but not the least, the destinations – The prime capital for tourism; as a tourist has a destination whereas a traveler does not. So, pertaining to education and tourism, I shall focus on destination studies.

It would be better to admit that tourism is the most special segment of human geography. This subject leads us to understand our planet and the culture of the world better than any other subject. So, we must also find a scientific way of studying tourism to understand the human race better. To start with, we must focus on the different destinations of the world, their geography – how to reach there, their culture, their heritage, their history, their socio-economy, interesting places to visit there etc. Once we grab it we have almost grabbed the major portion of the subject named tourism. So, let’s proceed.


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