The Study of Integrated Conservation of four Villages in Mian Mountain

Zhang Yu Ding Yi

The current study on the micro level of single-building protection and repair is relatively complete, however, the discussion about elements of cultural heritage and their relevance among the ancient villages is comparably insufficient. The protection work is strongly influenced by tourism development and cultural gimmick, thus resulting in low protection efficiency and many omissions. Historical village as the cultural settlement patterns bears a large number of heritage relics. They were regionally scattered with a clear characteristic of gathering. The article takes these four historical villages in Mian Moutain as an example, relying on the historical time period theory, then tries to look for the association and similarities of the forming mechanism between villages. The article discusses the integrated conservation from three levels: the regional heritage conservation, the cultural line shaping, and the featured brand building.


Mian Mountain; fortress; historical villages; conservation


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