Geopathy, Earth and Human Connection: Natural Communication

Mayank Barjatya (1)
(1) Prithwe Institute of Research & Development (PIRD), Pune, Maharashtra, India, India


Bio-Architect Mayank Barjatya works with geopathy and geobiology as a medium to learn from nature. He has been instrumental in analytical Earth assessment and its impact on human health and brain connections. He proposes the model and method by which detailed geobiological study can provide us information to derive the parameters for sustainable urban planning, construction & location of buildings, underground structures, and services that actually support and promote human health and well-being

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Mayank Barjatya
[email protected] (Primary Contact)
Barjatya, M. (2018). Geopathy, Earth and Human Connection: Natural Communication. ARCHive-SR, 2(1), 8.

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Received 2018-05-07
Accepted 2018-05-07
Published 2018-05-07