Public Art Development

Hassan Ahmed Ismail (1)
(1) BArch, Cairo University MDesR, SCI-Arc, Egypt, Egypt


Please allow me to express my interest in participating in the event; the agenda and objective are of high significance for discussing the maturity and development of a sustainable "cultural and creative infrastructure" powered by cultural policies and practices. Involvement and lobbying for such topics is essential for the cultural and creative dynamics where creative cities attract creative people.

While navigating through a search engine and typing a name of a city, the first images to appear visualize the built environment of the city. For instance when you type Cairo into Google, you will be mainly looking at the Pyramids and built environment around the Nile in addition to the Old City of Cairo. If you type in New York you will find images of skyscrapers positioned around the natural landscape of the city, and so on and so forth.

Thus tourism depends a lot on the built environment and the touristic standard is subject to the built environment, type and quality of tenants attracting the general public and of course the natural landscape.

Arts and architecture play an important role among the built environment having both tangible and intangible economic impacts resulting from touristic attractions as well as other means; Cairo was once described as the most beautiful city in the world with the rich urban fabric and prosperity of the arts and architecture.

In a country like Egypt where segmentation between the different social levels is becoming a real threat for future generations, it is crucial to work with all stakeholders including the authorities, civil society and the general public with objectives that would aim to serve all interests and gain a positive public opinion.   

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Hassan Ahmed Ismail
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Hassan Ahmed Ismail, BArch, Cairo University MDesR, SCI-Arc, Egypt

BArch – Cairo University MDesR – SCI-Arc

Ismail, H. A. (2017). Public Art Development. The Academic Research Community Publication, 1(1), 7.

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Received 2017-09-15
Accepted 2017-09-15
Published 2017-09-18