Identity through Caricature Art in Egypt

Mona Abdulmoniem Ahmed Alwaraky (1)
(1) Instructor, Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University, Egypt, Egypt


Can a normal individual learn more about a country’s identity through art and rather a type as simple as caricature art? How do identity and caricature art relate to one another? Exhibited art often faces similar questions. The term ‘identity’ mainly refers to a first impression formulated in relation to a nation and is often linked to a piece of land. A complete picture of a nation’s identity cannot be simply formed as involved are components, complexities, and even contradictions. No specific concept is involved or implemented in the process but rather an integrated system of data with physical, psychological, moral, and social aspects along its lines. This system and induced spirit is embodied in the interiors of a place to give a sense of continuity and distinction. In other words, identity separates the physical from the psychological. The concept of identity encompasses a set of symbolic meanings, spiritual and cultural, that is accumulated over time to give a sense of belonging to the individuals living in a certain place. As a result, a sense of loyalty and pride is passed on to the people making them aware of their social environments and cultural rights which could be expressed through caricature art to reflect their experienced identities. Caricature art is a simplified language, usually embodying a scene from public and everyday life, used by a ‘watani’ (Patriotic) individual to express his or her identity within the framework of sarcastic comedy. The identity of the Egyptian is the product of civilized movements by Egyptians through the ages.

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Mona Abdulmoniem Ahmed Alwaraky
[email protected] (Primary Contact)
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Mona Abdulmoniem Ahmed Alwaraky, Instructor, Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University, Egypt

Instructor at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University

Alwaraky, M. A. A. (2017). Identity through Caricature Art in Egypt. ARCHive-SR, 1(1), 7.

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Accepted 2017-09-12
Published 2017-09-18