Vision of Vincent van Gogh and Maurice Utrillo in Landscape Paintings and their Impact in Establishing the Identity of the Place

Hala Ibrahim Mohamed Elsaed

There are varieties of visions, visual solutions and plastic relations for various painting topics, but the landscape painting is still the closest subject to the identity of the place.

When the artist translates the realistic features of the place describing it with his special style and touches, this represents a record for characteristics of a certain period related to this place. It might also depict the landscape by his sense, telling us with his painting brush the story of its heritage. The artist links it with the reality experienced -here the memory adds the highest value to the view and translates features of nature of this place in terms of form- or feelings and influence through the ages.

When Van Gogh was influenced by a city, like Arles in France, he produced the most beautiful of his paintings, which appeared to show his style and colors. Actually, we see this city through a creative artist with radiant colors, each panting as a celebration or a poem singing the beauty of this place.

And when Maurice Utrillo was influenced by a city -like Paris in France especially Montmartre district with its steep winding streets, picturesque windmills, snowfall, and clouds of gray affected- he created his most important paintings of landscape. The paintings reflected the nature of this place by his simple style which seems like a zap from the internal inventory of the artist about this place.


Painting Landscape Van Gogh Maurice Utrillo


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