The Influence of the Changes in Urban Design on Contemporary Egyptian Painting

Reham Sherbiny (1)
(1) Painting, Fine Arts Faculty, Helwan University, Egypt, Egypt


The great cities in Egypt have been exposed to radical changes in its form and design since the second half of the Twentieth century. The study discusses these changes and their effect on the artistic production of the contemporary Egyptian painters. The positive and the negative aspects of this continuous relationship between the artist and the surrounding environment feature are presented, prominently, here.

Did the changes in the urban design reflect in the paintings of these artists? How did the Egyptian artists receive and respond to these major urban changes in their paintings?

The study deals with the most important changes in the design of the great cities in Egypt. This is coupled with a comparative study of the selected examples from the works of the contemporary painters, with the real image of the urban designs revealing interesting insights about the dynamics of this process.

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Reham Sherbiny
[email protected] (Primary Contact)
Author Biography

Reham Sherbiny, Painting, Fine Arts Faculty, Helwan University, Egypt

Painting, Fine Arts Faculty, Helwan University

Sherbiny, R. (2017). The Influence of the Changes in Urban Design on Contemporary Egyptian Painting. ARCHive-SR, 1(1), 11.

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Received 2017-09-12
Accepted 2017-09-12
Published 2017-09-18