City as a palimpsest: A Preface to the Hidden Geometry of Cairo

Ahmed El-Gemayi (1)
(1) Independent researcher, Cairo, Egypt, Egypt


In the center of Cairo, there remains a street named “Baab El-Bahr”- or “A gateway to the sea”. This street once led to the shore of a wide sub-canal from the Nile River. Today, it only leads to the famous “Ramses square”, which still holds the name of the ancient statue of “Ramses the 2nd” that has been relocated to Cairo-Alexandria desert road in August 2006. The city witnessed major changes in its urban morphology across the 19th and 20th centuries as it lost its role as a platform for trade and instead turned out to be an everyday scene for controversy and dispute. Through an investigation of the key principals which generated the city’s morphology and its massive transformation, this study aims to support future urban regeneration methodologies, urban development policies and city expansion visions.

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Ahmed El-Gemayi
[email protected] (Primary Contact)
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Ahmed El-Gemayi, Independent researcher, Cairo, Egypt

Cairo, Egypt

El-Gemayi, A. (2017). City as a palimpsest: A Preface to the Hidden Geometry of Cairo. The Academic Research Community Publication, 1(1), 6.

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Received 2017-09-09
Accepted 2017-09-09
Published 2017-09-18