Roles & Responsibilities of Editorial Team

The editorial team consists of four sections which are:

1- The Chief Section:
It may include one or more editors who are experts in research and the publishing of academic papers. The editor in chief therefore has a considerable experience in supervising the workflow process along with their academic career. The responsibility of the editor in chief is carrying the whole mission of the journal. Their task is to increase the citation as well as the impact of the journal and to always grant the highest quality. The role of the editor in chief is to assign the manuscript to their associates according to the area of expertise of each. They also supervise the whole peer review process.

2-The Associates’ Section:
It includes editors specialized in different disciplines and have a diversity of expertise; their specialization along with that of the editor in chief cover the scope of the journal. The role of the associates' section is to represent the editor in chief, each in their area of expertise. They are responsible for the peer review process and they ensure the quality of manuscripts, review and assign external reviewers to each manuscript, and report the peer review process to the editor in chief for publication, or any changes, acceptance or even rejection of certain manuscripts.

3-The Managing Editors:
They are the editorial office that drive the whole process of submission, initiating the checking of the manuscript and its relevance to the scope of the journal. They run a similarity check to ensure that the manuscript has a unique content and that it is not plagiarized. Managing editors are responsible for all matters relating to communication, assignments, editing, checking, production, and supervision. They are responsible for running the whole administration and communications between the authors and the editorial team and solving any conflict that arises. The managing editor carries the validation of the peer review process by communicating with the authors on behalf of the reviewers to develop, discuss, and enhance the content of the author's manuscript.

4-Reviewers Section:
They are a number of experts in different disciplines who volunteer to be consulted by the editor. They may be selected to evaluate separate components of a manuscript or they may be invited by the editor for cross-review; they read the other reviews and make additional comments. They make suggestions for individual manuscripts to strengthen their ideas; therefore, reviewers should be qualified to evaluate a component of the manuscripts and they should inform the editor about their reviews. Their reports should be constructive and courteous. The reviewers should respect the intellect of the independent authors and they should avoid personal comments; IEREK reserves the right to edit out comments that will hinder constructive discussion of manuscripts.

Members of the Editorial Team

- Editor in Chief

- Associate Editors