Focus and Scope

Resourceedings is a journal that amasses a number of quality conference proceedings. This journal takes pride in being hailed as a turning point towards an era of perpetual knowledge. Manuscripts submitted to this journal are a derivative of reputable conferences that would have otherwise been lost. IEREK Press made its duty to distribute information as they acknowledge that any research-based information is valuable, it is for that reason that the ultimate goal of this journal is to cultivate and propagate information that may be one day become a milestone towards global development.

Section Policies


  • Checked Open Submissions
  • Checked Indexed
  • Checked Peer Reviewed

Peer Review Process

1. Elementary Review: Once an article has been submitted to our website, it is assigned for revision by the Journal Editor(s) using the article review sheet and validation of publication. This can result in one of four scenarios:

1. Acceptance for publication (with minor modifications)

2. Conditional acceptance for publication (with revisions provided to authors).

3. Rejection with a chance of re-submission (with major modifications).

4. Rejection as inappropriate or unworthy of publication in this certain conference.

Once it receives acceptance, it proceeds to the screening plagiarism process; then the author of the paper will be informed to pay the fees so that it could be sent for the final revision by IEREK is Scientific Committee.

The criteria for accepting papers for the conference are as follows: (a) a relevant topic of the conference; (b) should be proposed with clear writing, aims, and objectives of the study clearly presented; (c) as well as a sound literature and methodology of the work.

2. Final Acceptance: Authors will receive a notification message to know the feedback of the reviewers Committee. If an author receives preliminary acceptance for his or her article, the paper then proceeds to revision by the reviewers and members of our Scientific Committee. The paper will be checked if it meets the conference proceedings standards. 

3. After receiving the final acceptance: you may be required to modify your paper depending on the feedback provided by the committee for publishing

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.