The Health Index for Medicinal Studies (HIMS)


The health index for Medicinal Studies is a peer reviewed scientific journal established by IEREK Press that accepts a broad range of studies relevant to the field of medicine and biological sciences. This open access journal aims to be a leading platform that disseminates research at the cutting edge of medical sciences and contributes to the development of our heterogeneous audience comprised of researchers, scholars, readers and experts in the field.

It is designed to collect and disseminate selected papers from IEREK conference proceedings and individual academic articles that fall within our scope.

IEREK is IEREK Press’s mother company that has proudly extended its work into the medical field. IEREK is determined and committed to provide all its applicants with reputable platforms to harness their work and propagate their research efforts to the entire academic community.




Services offered through this journal:

  • This journal is exclusively tailored to publish your papers in the field amongst other highly qualified and plausible material
  • Prompt the process from submitting to publishing.
  • Your conference proceedings will receive maximum exposure by being published in a journal that is dedicated to impact the academic society.
  • Free access to all users
  • Authors keep full copyright over their papers
  • Technical services: offering you a series of steps to help you write a highly competent research paper.