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Abdou, Amal
Abdullah, Ibrahim, Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalunya
Ahmed, Suneela, Department of Architecture and Planning, NED University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi
Aitani, Kochiro, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Architecture, Texas A&M University
Al-Bukhari, Ibraheem N. A.
Albatayneh, Aiman, Energy Engineering Department, School of Natural Resources Engineering and Management, German Jordanian University, Amman Jordan.
Ali, Mohamed A., Computer Based Engineering Applications Department, Informatics Research Institute-City for Scientific Research and Technological Applications
Alkhazali, Atif, Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, the Hashemite University, Zarqa Jordan
Amer, Mourad, PHD Candidate, Architecture department, Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria University, Egypt
Amer, Mourad, Architect, BSc, DSc, MSc, Ph.D - Editor in ASTI, Springer - Managing Editor of IEREK Press - CEO and Founder of IEREK for Research

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