Benefits of being a reviewer

  1. Reviewing papers that discuss topics in your field gives you new insights and perspectives about your own research interests, and also outside your direct research area.
  2. Improving your critical thinking skill and therefore relating your ideas to others’.
  3. Getting a chance to be read scientific research papers before even getting published and taking decisions about them.
  4. Gaining editing and writing skills that can help you later in your own research papers.
  5. Developing professionally by being updated with knowledge and information within your scope.
  6. The editorial boards of journals consists of professors, as well as experts in the field. If you are planning to join or apply for an academic job, being a reviewer will help you get recognized.
  7. You are adding to a system that you also use and has an effect on you. As authors rely on you to review their papers, you also rely on other peers to review yours, as in peer-reviewed journals.

Reviewer Rewards

  • Benefit from a 25% discount on all IEREK conferences.
  • Receive Recommendation letter directly from the journal’s Editor-in-Chief.
  • Participate as keynote speaker in IEREK conferences within your field.
  • Benefit from a 25% discount for any submission made in IEREK Press’ ESSD journal.