Article Processing Charges

ESSD is an open access journal that follows the new model for scholarly journal publishing that provides worldwide, complete and free access to the full-text of its published articles. Therefore, ESSD allows all readers to download, print, share, post and reorganize interests to use any article for free of charge. This will help in increasing the impact of authors’ work. Article processing Charges are needed to cover the cost of the publication process.

This charge does not include submission charges or additional page charges. Once the manuscript has been accepted, fees are required to be paid before the manuscript proceeds to publication as follows. Payments may be completed online or by bank transfer once an Author has received his/her acceptance.

By covering article-processing chargers, an author is guaranteed the following:

  • Screening Process (Scope, Linguistic, plagiarism check etc.)
  • Review Process
  • Production
  • Proofing
  • Editorial Quality Assurance
  • Publishing
  • Marketing and Communication
  • Technological Maintenance

For direct-submission in Environmental Science for Sustainable Development (ESSD) the actual amount payable is as follows:

Article Submission and Publication Charges: 100.00 (USD)