Shaping Resilient and Inclusive Urban Landscapes: Innovations in Planning, Design, and Urban Form

This issue explores the intricate interplay of housing, urban morphology, inclusivity, and urban form, weaving seamlessly to shape contemporary cityscapes. Key concepts such as proximity and sustainable accessibility provide a backdrop for transformative projects that resonate with daily life, while public spaces evolve into dynamic arenas where user perception, culture, and design harmonize, reflecting the diversity of urban ethnography. Advanced technologies guide the pursuit of thermal comfort and optimal metabolic rates, with walkability enhancing urban revitalization. Pre-disaster recovery strategies and community-driven planning instill resilience, and citizen participation alongside retrofitting initiatives uncover layers of sustainable urban planning.

Moreover, Within this issue, biomimetic architecture merges design and nature, as underscored by COVID-19's impact on resilience. Oasis cities and vibrant gardens flourish, connecting urban living with the environment, and Geographic Information Systems empower cities to navigate growth sustainably. From inclusivity to citizen-driven resilience, this issue reveals interconnected topics shaping our cities' evolution. Join us in exploring the multifaceted facets of urban development in the contemporary era.

This issue aims to explore the intricate interplay between all different aspects of dynamic urban planning that should be utilized in shaping sustainable cities and enhancing the resiliency of our communities, while highlighting the synergy between design and nature and exploring the essential role of Geographic Information Systems in guiding sustainable urban development. The following topics will be discussed:

  1. Housing and Urban Morphology: Shaping Sustainable Contemporary Cityscapes
  2. Technological Innovations for Urban planning and Revitalization
  3. The influences of public space on the resiliency of the city's urban fabric
  4. Territory preservation: the importance of Heritage sites in urban development
  5. The role of Geographic Information System on sustainable development
  6. Designing Public Spaces for Enhanced User Perception and Urban Resilience

     Submission deadline: 15th of November 2023
     Publication date: 31st of December 2023