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Gaber, Mohamed, Electrical Construction Engineer,PETROJET Company,Northern Branch, Egypt
Gadallah, Nabil, Production Eng., Modern Academy for Engineering and Technology, Egypt
Galychyn, Oleksandr, PhD student at Department of Sciences and Technologies, University of Parthenope,Centro Direzionale, Isola C4, (80143) Naples, Italy.
García, M. G., Systems, Electronics and Industry Faculty, Technical University of Ambato
Gawad, Iman, Associate Professor of Architecture
Gawad, Iman O., Associate Professor of Architecture,Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt
Gençel, Ziya, Suleyman Demirel University, Architecture Faculty, City and Regional Planning Department, Turkey
Georgy, Maged, RMIT University, Australia
Ghafaar, M.Abdel, Production Eng., Modern Academy for Engineering and Technology, Egypt
Gharehbaghi, Koorosh, RMIT University, Australia
Ghazal, Hassan Barakat, Assistant Professor at The Higher Institute of Engineering, Chemical Engineering Department, Shorouk, Cairo, Egypt
Ghoreishi, Amir, PhD LEED
Ghosh, Sayak, Dip TT(Mgt) - MONTREAL.
Gil, Ana Luque, Doctor Geographer. Faculty of Tourism. University of Malaga, Spain
Gomaa, Elsayed, - Al-Azhar University, Faculty of Engineering, Mining and Petroleum Engineering Department. - The British University in Egypt.
Gouda, Essam, Professor Dr. at Faculty of Engineering, Department of urban planning, Al Azhar University, Egypt
Guaman, A.R., Faculty of Human Sciences and Education, Technical University of Ambato
Guerrero, Daniel Sánchez, Universidad Estatal Amazónica – Puyo

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