ARCHive-SR: Announcements 2023-07-05T07:35:11-07:00 Open Journal Systems <p><strong>About the Journal</strong></p> <p>Proceedings of Academic Research Community (ARChive) stands as a peer-reviewed journal committed to preserving and celebrating the valuable contributions of researchers across diverse fields. As a respected publishing platform, ARChive follows a quarterly peer review publication schedule. It serves as a dynamic arena to nurture, disseminate, and archive noteworthy academic research that originates from contributions presented at academic conferences. With a specialized focus on the social and behavioral sciences, this journal strives to embrace research papers delving into the intricate interplay between vertical dimensions and environmental factors in relation to creating livable cities.</p> <p>By offering a platform for researchers to showcase their work, ARChive actively promotes the advancement of knowledge within the academic community. With a commitment to scholarly excellence, ARChive fosters an environment that supports rigorous research methodologies, critical analysis, and innovative thinking. By providing a comprehensive archive of academic contributions, the journal serves as a valuable resource for scholars, professionals, and policymakers seeking to understand and address the challenges and opportunities associated with height and environmental aspects in urban contexts.</p> <p>Through its publication of research papers, ARChive aims to stimulate meaningful conversations, inspire further investigations, and contribute to the development of sustainable, inclusive, and livable cities. By bridging the gap between academia and practice, the journal strives to foster collaborations and promote evidence-based decision-making in urban planning, architecture, social sciences, and related disciplines.</p>